An uncensored glimpse into the mind of Walter Evarts.


Education comes from the Latin word “educare” which means to draw out, not to stuff in. Teachers are educators who illuminate the path of learning for willing students and sometimes reluctant learners. Educators are missionaries in search of converts to the enthusiastic pursuit of knowledge. They are “tool givers”, who like Socrates; fashion difficult questions and direct their students to think and to re-think their own conclusions. In this mission they provide encouragement for critical thinking, creative planning and the attentive citizenship which is the foundation of our republic.

I teach because I want to magnify the motivation, enthusiasm and commitment of students to learn. My goal is to inspire the attentive, committed, and focused learning of my students. I want them to achieve the highest possible level of learning, while enjoying their experience. My role is to help my students find their own best path, to inspire their self-confidence and to find the courage to make their own journey.

Education: American University, B.A., cum laude, 1968, American University, M.A. International Relations of Eastern Europe, 1970, American University, Ph.D. (all but dissertation) 1973, International Law-Social Psychology (comprehensive fields in international law, social psychology, international organization and international communication). Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service-Mediation Training, 1976, and Age Discrimination Mediation Training, 1979, Domestic Mediation Training-John Haynes, 1983, Advanced Negotiation Techniques-Charles Guittard, 1994, International Terrorism, Regional Police Academy. ADA Certification for Mediators Key Bridge Foundation, Washington, D.C., 1994, Institute of Foreign Languages-Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1973.

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